These handmade fermentation crocks are ideal for making a variety of fermented vegetables including sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi.  They can also be used to make kombucha, and coconut-water or coconut milk kieffer. 

There are good reasons why interest in fermenting is expanding.  Fermented foods are great for a healthy gut, improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and, of course, they're delicious!  Regardless of your reason, these beautifully crafted pieces will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter to enjoy throughout the year.


Water-seal fermentation crocks allow for almost care-free fermentation.  Their special design allows the vegetable ferment to be protected by a water "moat" around the rim, keeping bugs and bacteria out.   They are available in a variety of sizes, and each comes with a custom fitted set of glazed ceramic followers (also called "stones" or "weights").

There are lots of great resources available for the beginner.  An excellent website for all things fermented:  Holly Howe,  Holly's site includes a wealth of general information about fermenting as well as great recipes.  Her favorite kind of crock?  Water-sealed (of course).  An excellent book (available in paperback, hardback, or as an e-edition) is Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey's Fermented Vegetables.  Full of great photos, recipes, and lots of information about the science of fermenting.



Email with questions about the crocks or how to order.

Celedon Fermentation Crock - 1