Mixing Bowls

Nesting Mixing Bowls

These nesting mixing bowls that give any cook a feeling of joy!  These embody the idea of functional art! While they are a delight to hold in your hands, they are even more practical with the hand grip on their side and the pouring spout.  Absoletly perfect for pouring pancakes or making fried cornbread (our favorite!)!!!

Nature Inspired Pitchers and Mugs

Decorative pitcher inspired by cute creatures all around us.  Variations on a theme, each lizard pitcher and mug is correctly proportioned to it's type of critter!

Treasure boxes, teapots and other creations

  • Matching jewelry boxes with a traditional yin yang diagram on the lid.  Each set is roughly 2 inches in diameter and can hold trinkets or jewelry.  
  • Teapots with decorative bamboo 
  • Baking dishes with lids
  • Mugs, goblets
  • Bowls and plates

Email Selden.Lamoureux@gmail.com with questions about the any of the pottery or how to order.